Collaborate for growth

Economic development is about realising the potential of what we have in the Bay of Plenty.  Collaboration helps to get things off the ground.  The benefits of this are far reaching and affect individuals, whanau, communities and the region as a whole.  

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Collaborate for people

Social development is inter-related with economic drivers, enviromental health and cultural understanding.  It's all about outcomes for people.  Collaboration improves the lives of individuals, whanau, communities and our region as a whole.

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Collaborate for culture

12% of New Zealand's Maori population live here, making the Bay of Plenty the third largest Maori populated region nationally.  For tangata whenua, and the region at large, to thrive we need to collaborate.  

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Collaborate for environment

From mountains to the sea, our environment offers us opportunities for sustenance, leisure and income.  With this in mind, collaboration is crucial to maintain the delicate balance of environmental protection and development. 

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COBOP: working better together

Collaboration Bay of Plenty (COBOP) is a network of local and regional councils and central government agencies in the Bay of Plenty. We are the hub of co-operative inter-agency work where Chief Executives and Senior Managers representing these agencies, work together to meet the current and future needs of communities in the Bay.

Together we promote the achievement of local and regional community aspirations and priorities through co-operation, collaboration and efficient use of resources. Mandated under the Local Government Act , we know that we can work better, together.

Quote of
the week

"A boat doesn't go forward if each one is rowing their own way."

- Swahili proverb

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