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Workshop 1: Facilitating Community-Led Change
22 June 2018
We’ve teamed up with the crew at Inspiring Communities to bring you three great workshops focused on Community-Led Development. You can participate in each workshop as a stand-alone session or take part in all three to make sure the puzzle pieces fit together.
Workshop 1: Facilitating Community-Led Change
Community-Led Development can be challenging. This workshop will focus on useful approaches and ideas for bringing groups and teams together, keeping them on-board, having big picture conversations and having fun!
In this workshop you will discover:
  • How to create groups that work well together.
  • Practical tools and strategies for improving your skills as a facilitator.
  • A range of approaches that build common agendas. How do you get people all working from the same page?
  • A variety of participation techniques for your toolkit.
  • How to have conversations that matter and keep people at the table.
  • How to deal with difficult behaviours and conflict.
  • How to flexible and adaptable in your facilitation.
Facilitated by: Cissy Rock
Tauranga: Waipuna Park Pavilion, 25 Kaitemako Road, Welcome Bay
Wednesday 28th March 2018, 9.30am – 4pm
  • $69 (Non-Profit Organisations)
  • $220 (Local or Central Government, Funders, Private Enterprise)
  • Please bring a plate for a shared lunch