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When Collective Impact Has Impact
6 March 2018
When Collective Impact Has Impact
We at ORS Impact and Spark Policy Institute are excited to release the findings of a ground-breaking study in partnership with 25 collective impact sites in the US and Canada as part of the Collective Impact Research Study.   Through the study, we sought to generate answers to these questions in the field about how collective impact contributes to systems and social impact, and how it is implemented across a broad range of communities and topic areas.
Our study is intended to add to the body of knowledge related to collective impact, building a better understanding of when and where it has an impact.  To solve the entrenched social problems that still plague too many people and communities, it is crucial to continue deepening the sector's understanding of what can be understood about the results collective impact initiatives are achieving, the challenges they face, and the lessons they have learned. 
To read on and to read the full report and report summary go here