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Community Sector Innovation Incubator - Applications Open
8 March 2018
Community Sector Innovation Incubator - Applications Open
Do you have an idea for addressing a social, environmental or community issue in a new way?
Would you like some one-on-one support to explore all the options, so that your idea has the best chance of success? 
In collaboration with Exult and Social Link, Bay Trust is offering six Bay of Plenty groups/individuals/collectives the chance to participate in an Innovation Incubator Programme. Participants do not need to be a Registered Charitable Trust or a formal entity, but their idea must be focused on achieving a positive social, environmental or community outcome.
The programme will be run over 27 weeks (30 April – 1 November) and will help participants shape their untested ideas into a comprehensive business plan. At the end of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to present their idea to potential donors, funders, investors and supporters.
The programme will be run from Tauranga, and will consist of:
  • 8 x Half day workshops
  • 1 x Full day workshop
  • 6 x 2 hour mentoring sessions
  • A community pitching event where potential donors, funders and supporters will be present.
Who will be facilitating the programme? 
The 27 week programme will primarily be facilitated by the Exult team of facilitators and mentors. Depending on the initial ideas and the specific support needed by participants, additional expertise may also be brought in. The Social Link team will be supporting organisations with further business development once the initial programme is complete.
Who can apply?
  • Any person / organisation / collective in the Bay of Plenty region can apply. Selection for the programme will be made using the following criteria:
  • The person / organisation / collective can clearly define the need / issue they would like to address OR the opportunity they would like to explore.
  • The person / organisation / collective has the start of an idea they would like to explore. This programme is not suitable for ideas that are already ready for market.
  • Any anticipated outcome provides benefit for people within the Bay of Plenty region and is in-line with current Bay Trust outcome priorities. You can read more about these priortities at
  • The person / organisation / collective is willing to work through the innovation process and review their initial idea/s with an open-mind.
  • If the applicant is an organisation, they demonstrate strong, effective Governance, and the Board supports participation in the Innovation Incubator Programme. If the participant is a part of a collective, the rest of the collective supports participation in the programme.
  • The person OR representatives from the organisation / collective (including key trustees, staff and volunteers) can make themselves available for a 3 hour workshop during the week of 30 April – 6 May. This workshop will be held at the applicant’s premises, and an evening or weekend workshop can be arranged.
  • The participant is committed to attending all Incubator workshops and mentoring sessions. If the applicant is an organisation / collective, they can identify one person who is committed to attending all sessions. The person / organisation / collective has the capacity to follow through with development work between sessions also.
  • Successful applicants must be able to contribute $400 (incl GST) towards the cost of the programme.
How to Apply
There is a 2-step application process for this programme:
Step 1:
  • Email your registration of interest as a Word or PDF document to no later than Friday 23rd March. There is no official application form, however your registration of interest must include:
  • Name, Contact Details and Organisation (if applicable)
  • An explanation as to the issue you would like to address or the opportunity you would like to explore.
  • A brief summary of the idea you have and an indication of what stage in the development process you are at.
  • A brief summary of how the anticipated outcomes will benefit people in the Bay of Plenty region, and how that fits with Bay Trust priorities.
Step 2:
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a round-table discussion with representatives from Bay Trust, Exult and Social Link.
  • Successful applicants will be notified no later than Friday 13th April.
For more information about this programme or the application process: