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Council Long Term Plan Links
28 March 2018
Council Long Term Plan Links

Councils around the region are currently in consultation processes for their Long Term Plans (10 years). 

The Local Government Act 2002 provides extensive powers to councils to decide which activities they undertake and the manner in which they will undertake them.   There is a robust planning process demanded by the Local Government Act 2002 (part 6).    In consultation with their communities, councils must prepare long-term plans every three years, and annual plans in the other two years.
The long-term plan (LTP) is the key planning tool for councils.  Its purpose is to:
  • Describe the council’s activities and the community outcomes it aims to achieve.
  • Provide integrated decision-making and coordination of the resources, as set out in section 93 (6)(c) of the Act.
  • Provide a long-term focus.
  • Show accountability to the community.
  • Provide an opportunity for participation by the public in council decision-making processes.
The LTP must include information on activities, goods or services provided by a council, and specific funding and financial management policies and information.
LTPs outline all things a council does and how they fit together.  They show what will be done over the plan's 10 year period, why the council is doing things and their costs.
People can express their views on the LTPs when they are reviewed every three years. In addition as part of their LTP development process, councils may talk with other parties about how they can help promote identified local outcomes in which those parties have an interest.
Councils are required to establish consultative processes around their policy-making activities which reflect the intent and the purpose of the Local Government Act 2002.
To have a say on current proposed changes, future plans and to be informed on priorities for Council's across the Bay, click on the relevant links below:

For more information on Council planning and consultation processes visit