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Rotorua Air Quality bylaw submission process is open
29 May 2017
Rotorua Air Quality bylaw submission process is open
​​ Rotorua Lakes Council is calling for feedback on Rotorua’s Air Quality Control Bylaw, which is enforced by Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
Full Council approved the recommendation to carry out a special consultative procedure on the draft bylaw last week.
The proposed revised bylaw aims to improve the district’s air quality and reach the National Environmental Standards for Quality (NESAQ) of 50μg/m3 for fine particulates (or PM10).  Poor air quality poses serious health risks particularly to the very young, elderly and people with respiratory problems including asthma and chronic illnesses such as heart disease.
Submissions on the bylaw, which has been in effect since 2010, are now open and close at 4pm on the 30th of June, 2017.
Residents are asked to give their feedback on recommended changes for the proposed revised bylaw, many of which are minor and are included for additional clarity and to ensure consistency with the regional rules.  However, some changes will affect what types of burners can be installed in homes within the Rotorua airshed.  Some of the amendments that are up for discussion include the Point of Sale rule previously required any non-complying solid fuel burner to be removed or replaced in a house before it was sold.  There are two key changes to this:
1.    Indoor open fires must now be rendered inoperable and may no longer be replaced with another type of solid fuel burner.
2.    The rule now applies to all buildings in the Rotorua airshed.
A new clause has been added to the proposed revised bylaw that requires written/photographic evidence of the removal or replacement to be provided to either Rotorua Lakes Council or the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
The “Restriction on Installation of Solid Fuel Burners in New and Existing Houses” rule, known as the New Burner rule, has changed.  Previously the rule permitted the installation of solid fuel burners provided they complied with the design standard and thermal efficiency standard of the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality.  There are three substantial changes to this rule:
1.    Installation of new burners where there is currently no solid fuel burner installed is limited to pellet burners.
2.    Wood burners may be permitted provided that they replace a wood burner, coal burner, or multi-fuel burner.
3.    Wood burners must meet a design standard of 0.5 grams particulates discharges per kilogram of dry wood burnt.
This rule now applies to all buildings, not just dwelling houses.
When considering the proposed revised bylaw for the special consultative procedure, Council requested a social and economic impact report be provided. This report will be available for Council when final deliberations on the revised bylaw are undertaken in August.
Details about the draft bylaw including the Statement of Proposal, the proposed bylaw and a submission form can be found here otherwise you can request the information by calling the Council’s Customer Solutions team on 07 348 4199.
Anyone wanting to make a submission and who wish to appear before Council to speak to their submissions will have the opportunity to do so on the July 13.
A final recommendation on the bylaw will be made to Council on the 24th of August, 2017.
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