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“To halt the decline of an ecosystem, it is necessary to think like an ecosystem.” - Douglas P. Wheeler

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Biotic Effects of Climate Change in the Bay of Plenty
How New Zealand, a climate mitigation laggard, can become a leader - with the help of local and regional governments
Stocktake Report from the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group. The information provided in this report represents the best information available to the Group and our expert judgement. The gaps in knowledge and work programmes signify those present as of 31 May 2017.
NZ Government publication February 2017
NZ government publication Feb 2017 short version
This guide provides information about the Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) and guidance for completing an application for funding for a waste minimisation project. It provides an overview of the full funding process, and focuses in detail on Stage I of the application process. After checking your project is eligible, please read the guide carefully to ensure your project matches the assessment criteria. Further information will be provided to applicants who are invited to proceed to Stage II.
September 2017. Anthropogenic climate change has been described as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century. Our planet is expected to continue to warm over the next 100 years and this will result in changes to our weather in New Zealand. This review summarises a number of health risks projected from a changing climate that could impact on future generations.
Presentation by Toi Te Ora Public Health for COBOP climate change cluster. June 2018
Presentation to COBOP Climate Change Cluster on work specific to BOPRC.
MPI presentation to COBOP climate change cluster, June 2018
London Climate Change Partnership September 2009
A collation of agencies involved in climate change from the MFE website.
Presentation by Arron Judson to the CONNECT forum 5.3.19
Presentation given by Isabel Huther and Stephen Canny for CONNECT meeting 5.3.19