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Whanau Ora Review
11 July 2018
Whanau Ora Review
An independent panel has been appointed to review Whānau Ora.   The intention of the review is to ensure that Whānau Ora is providing better outcomes in the community to respond to the diverse needs of whānau and families.
The Independent Review Panel is currently gathering important information which will determine its findings and recommendations on Whānau Ora.
As well as meeting and talking directly with those most involved with Whānau Ora such as the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agencies, providers, entities, navigators and whānau; it is also inviting the public to make online submissions.
Review purpose
The Panel’s Terms of Reference are to:
  • assess the ability of the Whānau Ora commissioning approach to effect sustainable change in the wellbeing and development of whānau;
  • explore the extent to which the Whānau Ora service delivery model and commissioning approach is accountable and transparent in the achievement of outcomes for whānau; and
  • scope the applicability of a whānau centred approach as a model for improving outcomes for whānau across government with an emphasis on the social sector.

Have your say

This is your opportunity to submit your experiences, understandings and insights of Whānau Ora using the online submission forms below. The Panel will receive submissions from Wednesday 11 July to Wednesday 15 August 2018.
Questions are available in English, Te Reo Māori, Samoan, Tongan, and Cook Islands Māori but can be completed in any language.
Timeframe for Review
The Review Panel has been a six month period to conduct the Review beginning in April and concluding in October 2018. The Panel will deliver a report on their findings to the Minister for Whānau Ora in early November 2018.
Further information here on the Te Puni Kokiri website