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Holistic approach to wellbeing indicators
17 August 2018
Holistic approach to wellbeing indicators
What does wellbeing mean to you as a kiwi? How do you think we should measure New Zealand’s wellbeing?
Stats NZ is developing a set of “wellbeing” indicators that go beyond economic measures to track our progress as a country and is seeking people’s views on what those indicators should be.
It’s an effort to take a more holistic approach to measuring how we’re doing. It might be that you value sustainability, safeguarding our environment, or our infrastructure, or looking after our mental health.
The Stats NZ video describes the work like this: “We’re looking beyond the economy to include wellbeing and sustainable development in decision-making so that current and future generations of kiwis can enjoy a healthy environment and vibrant communities. We want to talk to you about how we measure and treasure our taonga now and in the future and our impact on other countries.”
Stats NZ has been working towards aligning the indicators with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, as well as with Treasury’s Living Standards Framework.
For more information, visit the Stats NZ website or read the press release here.
The consultation runs until 30 September.