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Tauranga has best quality of life, apart from the traffic
12 September 2018
Tauranga has best quality of life, apart from the traffic
Tauranga residents are more satisfied about their quality of life than residents of other cities, but we’re also more frustrated about traffic congestion, a new survey has found.
The 2018 Quality of Life survey is a partnership between eight New Zealand councils that measures people’s perceptions about their quality of life. Results were announced today and are available at
Results for Tauranga showed the highest overall satisfaction with quality of life. Tauranga also scored highest for health, emotional wellbeing and appreciation of the natural environment. Quality of lifestyle for Tauranga was second highest at 39%, just behind Christchurch at 40%. 
However, 56% of Tauranga respondents said their city had become a worse place to live over the previous 12 months, with the two main reasons cited being increase in traffic congestion and increase in population. At 83%,Tauranga’s score for traffic frustration was significantly higher than any other city, with Auckland coming in next at 36%.
Mayor Greg Brownless said that the poor score regarding traffic and congestion was no surprise given the challenges that came with rapid population growth. 
“Tauranga has grown very quickly without a corresponding investment in roading networks, public transport and cycling. Solutions to traffic congestion lie not simply in bigger roads but in making it easier for more people to travel without always relying on their cars. This year the council has approved significantly more funding for cycling and public transport infrastructure, and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council is planning more frequent bus services and new bus routes to suit more people,” said Greg.
The survey results will be used to inform Tauranga City Council’s strategic planning, including the Draft Community Wellbeing Strategic Plan, the Tauranga Urban Strategy and Transport Strategy.
“The ongoing challenge for our city is how best to cater for all of our residents, current and future, while safeguarding – and enhancing – the things that make Tauranga such a great place to live,” said Greg. 
Councils participating in the Quality of Life survey were: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hutt, Porirua, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
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