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Royal visit to bring economic benefit to Rotorua
1 November 2018
Royal visit to bring economic benefit to Rotorua
​Mayor Steve Chadwick believes the economic benefits of the royal visit to Rotorua will be significant.
“In the wake of the royal visit we now reflect on how it will impact on our Rotorua district in the longer term and we expect that impact to be considerable,” she says.
“We can’t put a figure on it yet but it is expected that through the exposure Rotorua is receiving we will attract more visitors and more events, including business events, and will increase confidence in our district as a good place to invest and do business. There’s a real opportunity now for the wider local business community to maximise the benefits from the royal visit.”
The mayor says every aspect of yesterday showcased what Rotorua is all about with the spirit of manaakitanga (hospitality) at the fore.
“Overall, the day was about people, relationships and sharing what we’ve always valued here and that includes our partnership with Te Arawa.
“The Duchess spoke earlier in the tour of New Zealand about the fundamental right of people to participate and that really resonates here in Rotorua where we work together with Te Arawa for the overall benefit of our district, our people and our environment.
“It was amazing to witness the way Te Arawa and our whole community came together and took collective pride in the opportunity we were given to showcase our unique and iconic district on an international stage.
“Given the diversity of our city and all it has to offer, the impact of the exposure the royal visit has created for Rotorua is likely to last much longer than the visit itself.”
Yesterday and overnight the mayor received an influx of feedback from around New Zealand and around the world.
“You cannot put a dollar value on the type of promotion big occasions like this provide and we look forward to sharing what Rotorua has to offer with visitors who are likely to follow in the royals’ footsteps. This will also benefit our ability to attract investors and more events, including business events.
“Our community as a whole will reap the rewards of this extraordinary exposure.”
Te Arawa elder Monty Morrison who was involved in organising the pohiri at Te Papaiouru Marae in Ohinemutu, says Rotorua was chosen as part of the tour because of its unique cultural connections, commitment to biculturalism, and the diversity of its landscape and environment.
“We were given the opportunity to showcase our Te Arawa culture and we did just that.”
“The feedback we have received is outstanding and is something we should be proud of. The international media coverage has described the event as a truly amazing display of Te Arawa culture. It was everything we were hoping to achieve when we were first asked to host the royal couple and we are honoured and privileged to have had this opportunity.”