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Latest research on employment assistance out
7 February 2019
Latest research on employment assistance out
Each year MSD summarises its evidence on the cost-effectiveness of its expenditure on employment assistance (EA) programmes and services and case management (CM) services. The results are used by MSD to inform its decisions on design and funding of employment programmes and uses.
Developed annually since 2011, the current report updates this series to the end of 2016/2017. The research and evaluation team has taken the opportunity in this report to improve its approach to this analysis.
The analysis presented in the current report differs in several ways from previous EA effectiveness reports. For example, in this report, MSD divides the results between discrete EA interventions (e.g. wage subsidies, job placement and training programmes) and CM services (i.e. assigning people to a specific case-management service); included the impact of EA interventions on education achievement, and justice outcomes; switched to reporting intervention effectiveness ratings by financial year rather than as an overall average.
MSD now assesses the effectiveness of interventions against multiple outcomes, while it previously assessed effectiveness on a more limited set of outcomes (primarily independence of welfare). It also now reports the effectiveness of EA interventions separately for each participation year, rather than an average effectiveness rating over all the years the intervention operated. This allows the Ministry to track whether the performance of individual interventions is changing over time (i.e. is an intervention more or less effective for people who have participated in more recent years).
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