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Turangi Board chair stands down in favour of operational role
9 April 2019
Turangi Board chair stands down in favour of operational role
Turangi Tongariro Community Board chair Andy Hema has resigned from his elected position to take up a role as the council’s customer relations manager in Turangi.
Chief executive Gareth Green said the position was created following a number of concerns from Turangi residents expressed at a public meeting in February. It had become apparent someone was needed on the ground in Turangi, to be the conduit between the council and the community, and the elected members had made the establishment of the role a priority in response, he said.
“Andy was one of a number of quality applicants and will be a welcome addition to the team,” Mr Green said. “Being elected to the community board, and subsequently appointed chair, shows he has the respect of the community and we have no doubt he will work hard to ensure there are some good outcomes for Turangi.”
While legally Mr Hema could have remained as chair of the community board as a council staff member, he had chosen to stand down to ensure there was no perceived conflict of interest between the two roles.
Mr Hema said while he enjoyed his role as chair of the community board, he felt his skills and expertise were better suited to an operational role.
“I look forward to continuing to work with the board albeit in a different capacity, to really make a difference for Turangi,” he said. “I’m keen to hit the ground running and get down to business.”
Mr Hema takes up his position on Monday, April 15. No by-election is required as Local Body Elections will be held in October.