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Zero Carbon Bill welcomed by LGNZ
8 May 2019
Zero Carbon Bill welcomed by LGNZ
LGNZ welcomes the introduction of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill as a necessary step towards meeting our international obligations to reduce greenhouse gases in our economy.
Until now, mitigation measures were largely left to the exchange trading schemes and individual commitments from organisations, but without targets these have lacked the necessary incentives to change behaviours.
“Local councils have long known that they must do their part to both lower their own emissions, and encourage the same in their communities,” says LGNZ Vice-President Stuart Crosby.
“That’s why we’re welcoming this Bill, as it provides further support for the work councils have been doing, notably through the Draft sector position on mitigation and the Stocktake of local government mitigation activity.”
“The vast majority of councils have also signed the Local Government Leader’s Climate Change Declaration, which has displayed real leadership from the sector, so we commend for providing national direction through the Zero Carbon Bill.”
Climate Change is one of four flagship projects in the 2019-22 LGNZ Business Plan.
“LGNZ look forward to inputting into the Zero Carbon Bill legislation process, and through the actions outlined in our business plan we will continue to advocate for greater support around adapting to climate change, as well as mitigation.”