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Tauranga transport projects funding update
27 May 2019
Tauranga transport projects funding update
On Friday 24 May, Tauranga City Council and others across the region received a letter from NZTA indicating what projects have approved funding within the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). After a period of uncertainty, it is good that we now have clarity as a number of projects had been put on hold while we were awaiting decisions.
As NZTA experienced an over-subscription, the agency has undertaken a prioritisation process assessing all of the projects against the Investment Assessment Framework. Of the 28 projects that were awaiting partnership funding, seven have been approved, thirteen have been categorised as eligible to be funded if more funding becomes available and eight are not expected to be funded during this NLTP.
Council will progress with the projects that have been approved and work on a recommended way forward for the projects that are unlikely to be funded. This will be done in close collaboration with NZTA through the Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI). This initiative, which is similar to Get Wellington Moving, will develop a strategic way forward for the sub-region including an action plan.