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Step forward for Tauranga Cycle Plan
26 July 2019
Step forward for Tauranga Cycle Plan
In the Urban Form and Transport Development (UFTD) committee meeting on Tuesday 23 July, Council has supported the next step for the Tauranga Cycle Plan. Tauranga City Council staff identified various cycle corridors and will now start with investigations, in close collaboration with stakeholders and residents, to determine what the best possible routes are within each corridor. 
A newly developed cycle model has enabled council to work on a strategic network of cycle corridors that will provide the greatest opportunity for more people biking. This network identifies key connections across the city with the goal to provide an enhanced level of service so people of all ages and abilities can safely cycle from where they live to areas where they work, study and play.
The process of determining the route options within the identified corridors, will be guided by evidence that suggests that cycleways that are designed for all ages and abilities lead to more people getting on bikes and to safer cycle trips.
Martin Parkes, Manager Transportation:
“The rapid growth of Tauranga presents significant transport challenges and opportunities for our city. Working towards creating more cycleways in and around the city is one of the pieces of the puzzle to create a balanced transport network where we give our people safe, attractive and easy transport choices.”
Currently the Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) is working on a long-term, integrated masterplan for urban development and transport that is fully aligned with the Government’s new transport policy statement and urban growth agenda.
“Delivering a comprehensive well-connected cycle network plays an important role in this plan as it can contribute in managing congestion on our network.  Additionally, it positively supports environmental and health outcomes.”
Council staff hope to provide an update to the UFTD committee in April 2020.