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Health warning on Waikato River lifted
12 July 2019
Health warning on Waikato River lifted
The health warning placed on the Waikato River following last week’s incident that saw a large quantity of wastewater enter Lake Taupō has been lifted.
The wastewater pipe broke on Tuesday, July 2, just after 2pm following a water main break that caused a large washout on the lakefront. The pipe was broken when the footpath collapsed. It was estimated about 800,000 litres of wastewater entered the lake.
Chief executive Gareth Green said water sampling in the lake began almost immediately and monitoring of multiple sites along the Waikato River began the following day.
Monitoring began twice daily in the initial response and reduced to once a day as test results showed a decline in the amount of E. Coli being detected. The results of testing in the river over the last week had shown levels were now back within recreational guideline limits however there is still an advisory in place for the lake and the marina.
“We are continuing to monitor the water quality in the lake and in the marina and will continue regular testing until the results show the levels are back within the recreational guidelines,” said Mr Green.
“The results are trending down to near normal levels at most sites which shows the water quality is being restored naturally in those areas around the discharge point.”
Regular updates are available on the council website and its Facebook page. More advice on recreational water quality is available on the Toi Te Ora website.