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Western Bay community groups gain match funding
2 August 2019
Western Bay community groups gain match funding
Western Bay of Plenty District Council has announced $140,000 in grants for 23 community groups across the District.
Environmental projects comprise $40,000 and the balance of $100,000 is spread among a range of community projects.
Makahae Marae near Te Puke gained a matching fund grant in 2017 for planting their marae land.  Environmental projects comprise $40,000 and the balance of $100,000 is spread among a range of community projects.
Six groups qualified for the environmental fund and 17 for the general fund. The largest environmental grant of $10,000 is to the Rotoehu Ecological Trust, while the largest general fund grant of $17,000 is to the Pukehina Beach Ratepayers and Residents Association for a skate park and park furniture.
Council’s Community Matching Fund is an annual contribution to groups that show outstanding commitment to their communities and that can ``match’’ Council’s cash grant – be it in volunteer hours, cash in hand or similar matching criteria.
This year’s funding is a $40,000 increase on previous years. The total fund comprises $40,000 for environmentally targeted projects and a balance of $100,000 spread across general community projects. Some projects displayed the added value of contributing to the sub-regional programmes for Welcoming Communities and Safer Communities.
The additional $40,000 in this year’s fund enabled the full amount to be allocated – whereas in previous years groups received a percentage of the amount requested.
Communities Committee Chairman Peter Mackay says the working party was faced with the tough task of sifting through 49 applications requesting a total of almost $411,000. This included eight applications totalling $58,635 contesting the $40,000 environmental portion of the grant.
“The Fund’s success rests on the ability of community groups to show how much they are helping themselves before seeking Council funding. To pass that test we have quite a tough set of criteria that ensures we achieve a fair and objective result.
“My thanks to everyone who put in applications and for the vital work they continue to do throughout our Western Bay of Plenty community.”
Successful groups are:
Environmental Fund $40,000: Friends of the Blade $7000; Kotukutuku Gully $6200; New Zealand Landcare Trust $3029; Pahoia Primary School $3166; Rotoehu Ecological Trust $12,000; Western Bay Museum $8600.
General Fund $100,000: A Friend’s Place $2000; Fun Fest (Katikati Avocado and Wine Festival) $4121; Growing Through Grief Te Puke $2000; Katikati Indian Association $5000; Katikati RSA $1000; Katikati Trails Development $1423; New Zealand China Friendship Society $5000; Omokoroa Community Policing Group $10,000; People First Te Puke $3935; Pukehina Ratepayers Association $17,000; SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty Charitable Trust $1020; Tauranga Arts Festival $5000 (Te Puke Murals); Tauranga Budget Advisory Service (Te Puke Outreach) $10,000; Tauranga Community Trust $5000; Te Ara Kahikatea Inc $7500; Te Puke Cactus $10,000; Waihi Beach Community Patrol $10,000.